Welcome To Snap Pairs

Welcome To The SnapPairs Game

Adding Snap Cards

We would love for you to add your cards to our snap pairs deck. All you need to do that is a webcam and a well lit room so you can create a nice clear snapshot card.

Below is our SnapPairs creation tool for adding new cards to the main deck. However you can also create your own public or private deck on the Create Game Deck page. Cards created there are not added to the main deck as they are on this page.


  • Click the Webcam button below and allow access to your camera when requested.
  • Select which web camera to use from the drop down list, or use the automatically selected one.
  • Set a timed capture delay should you require one and click the 'Next Filter' or 'Previous Filter' buttons to cycle through an array of filters that you may want to use.
  • Once you are happy with the settings you can simply click the 'Create Preview' button to capture a preview of your snapshot card before choosing whether or not to add it to the deck.
  • To finalise the addition to the deck you can click on the "Add To Deck" button directly under the given card you wish to add or click the red 'X' button to delete it permanently.

Adding To Main Deck

Multiple Cards

If you are adding multiple cards, then please consider making your snapshots diverse by changing your poses or feel free to use the webcam filters to change the look of each snapshot.

The reason for the diversity is so that it makes matching pairs so much easier. If you do submit similar looking cards specifically to the main public deck, then we may have to delete one or more to keep the game fair. If you do want to create a very difficult game with little difference in the appearance of the snap cards, then it is recommended that you create a new deck on our Create Game Deck page.