Snap Pairs

Welcome To The SnapPairs Game

Creating Your Own SnapPairs Game Deck

Below is our deck building tool for those that would like to create their own SnapPairs Game deck.

You can create a deck for sharing publicly, making it accessible to all of our visitors through the Shared Decks page. However, alternatively you may also opt to keep your created deck private and will be given a link for sharing your deck's SnapPairs game with only your friends, family or those you choose.

We recommend that you keep your deck easier to play by using the provided webcam effects and filters as well as changing your poses, camera angles, background or anything else you can think of to make unique looking snap cards.


  • Scroll down and select your primary deck settings, such as the deck's privacy, title and expansion type.
  • Once you are happy with those settings you can click the 'Start' button to start creating deck cards.
  • Follow the next set of simple directions if you are new to the site.

Public Or Private Deck

Here you should select whether or not your deck can be accessed by all visitors to the site. If you would like all users to play your deck then select "Public", otherwise you should have "Private" selected and only you and those you share with can play your deck.

Deck Expansion

If you would like to allow yourself and other players of your deck to add new cards to your deck then you can set the deck expansion option to 'dynamic'. This will not change the maximum size of your game board, but instead it will randomly select your original cards and any newly added cards when dealing your deck.

Alternatively, you can set or leave the expansion option as static. This means that your deck will be locked and prevent any additional cards from being added, by you or anyone else playing your deck.

Game Title

Here you can set a title for your created game deck. This is especially useful for decks that you wish to make public as the title will show on the deck within the Shared Decks page. However, it will also show as a title header for any game deck that was created through this page.

If no title is provided then the default value will be set to "No Title".