Snap Pairs

Welcome To The SnapPairs Game

Supporting SnapPairs

Any help that you can provide to support SnapPairs would be greatly appreciated. Here are just a few ways that you might be able to help to support us.

Adding Cards

If you add new cards to SnapPairs you help to keep the game more dynamic and fun to play for other people returning the site.

To add new cards to the main SnapPairs deck, simply follow the directions on our Adding Snap Cards page.


Sharing this site with your friends and family helps to bring in more people and in turn some of those people may add to the game or create new fun decks for others to play.

Send people you know the following link and ask them if they would like to play the game.

Creating New Decks

Creating a new deck or two will also help to support us. Whether you keep them set to private or make them public, as long as you share your created deck with someone it will help us in gaining more visits and exposure.

Creating a deck is very simple and can be done via our Create Deck page.

Linking To Us

If you own a website or have access to any account that support the adding of HTML (such as tumblr), then you could greatly help in supporting this site by adding a link to your site.

Adding links to us will improve our rank position in search engines and make more people aware of our site. If you can help in this way, then please add the following HTML to your website.

Bug Reporting

Another great way to support us is to point out anything that does not work on the site correctly or as expected. If you find a bug or something that does not function then please report the issue so we can fix it as quickly as possible.

The best way to report any problems you find with the site is through our Contact page or you can email our main parent site's email address ( with the email title "SnapPairs Bug".

Sharing Ideas

If you have an ideas that can help to improve SnapPairs or make the game more fun then feel free to share them as we are always open to new and interesting thoughts.

Share your ideas with use by sending them through out Contact page.

Unblocking Ads

To help cover the hosting costs and keep this game online, we will use only a single advertisement on one or two of our pages to keep them from being too annoying.

Today many people block all Ads using Ad Blockers and this is understandable as we know that they are annoying, but it is another way to help us if you do not block them for this site. Note that we do not and will never force Adblockers to be turned off or restrict any function or content if you do choose to use an Adblocker here.